With proven results, we provide our clients with professional, discreet private investigator services and expertise ranging from surveillance for worker's compensation and corporate theft to divorce, infidelity and child custody investigations. We use the latest investigative techniques and advanced technologies to find and document evidence. Our private investigators can help you find the truth you need with confidentiality and professionalism you can count on.


Our founder and president, Steven "Steve" Feakes, has 30 years of experience in private investigations throughout the United States and Canada, with expertise in numerous areas, including surveillance, insurance fraud, espionage, corporate theft investigations and undercover assignments to discover theft and narcotics use, abuse and trafficking in the workplace. Mr. Feakes and his staff of talented investigators have conducted corporate and individual investigations and have received extensive investigative training.


Our investigations are expedient, experienced and effective. We tailor the services to our clients giving them timely, productive and documented results in a confidential and discreet manner.


We are flexible and passionate providing our knowledge and experience to make our clients time and money spent as efficiently as possible.

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“While he has done an outstanding job on all matters, it is his surveillance work that stands out.”

- Chad Rook

“We’re a proud local firm with growing national reach. We look forward to meeting you and helping to reach your goals. There isn’t any situation that is too unique, so don’t hesitate- we can help.”  - Steve Feakes

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Steven Feakes and Associates provides licensed, full-service private investigation services confidentially to corporations, attorneys, law firms and individuals in the Katy, Sugarland and Houston, Texas, areas; across the state and nationwide.